Independent Inventor Program Registration for the 2020-2021 Ohio Invention Convention Program Year

Important information before you begin your registration:

  1. Fill out this registration to share your intent to invent
  2. You will receive an email directly from zFairs verifying your registration.  If you do not receive an email verification, please contact
  3. Please use an email address you check often and make sure to allow emails from Invention League and zFairs.
  4. You will receive an email from an Invention League team member explaining the program year details and giving you access to program materials to begin your invention process when you are ready to begin.
  5. WATCH for an email from the Ohio Invention League containing the link to register for your REGIONAL competition.
  6. A completed Regional competition registration, including your uploaded video pitch submission, needs to be received by the Ohio Invention League on or before the deadline date for your respective Regional competition.
  7. There are specific deadlines for Regional competitions.  Find your region and Regional deadline information 
  8. Qualifying students will be advanced from the Regional competitions to the 2021 Ohio Invention Convention competition.

To register:

Go to the "Create Account" Tab

Choose "Student"

When registering, if you are part of a TEAM, the first member of the team should choose the TEAM option.  At the end of the registration you will receive a Project Key that you will need to give to your teammate for them to register.  You will add your teammate's name to your registration where prompted.

Please make sure you keep your username and password to make any edits to your registration.

Students who cannot participate in the Invention Convention program through their district, school, grade, or program should register using this system.  If you have questions, please contact


Or Register Using

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